Bagalope Tutorial for Father's Day!

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Team designer Maresa Welke has created an awesome gift bag to hold that special something you plan on giving to your dad this upcoming Father's Day.  Follow along and make a million for all the important men in your life!

Seal the envelope closed. (Any envelope, any size.) Slice a tiny bit off one short end, just enough to allow that end to open. You can used patterned scissors or a border die to do this if you want a decorative edge.



Score all three closed sides at 1/2". If you have used an envelope larger than an A2, you can make the side gussets larger by scoring at more than 1/2". Use your bone folder and fold and crease the lines, making sure they are crisp and distinct.


Put your hand in the open end of the envelope and work on bending the score lines inwards, so that it starts looking like a paper bag.  Do this on all three sides until you are left with "kitten ears" at the bottom of the bag.


Affix the ears down, using a strong adhesive. I slide my bone folder into the bag and use the end to burnish, ensuring the seams are flush and adhered well.

Decorate your bagalope, as you desire.

TIP: The embellishments I chose for my bagalope made the front very heavy. To ensure that my bag could stand without falling face first I created a counter balance.

Cut a piece of co-ordinating cardstock slightly smaller than your envelope. For my A2 envelope the size was 5 1/16"x3 1/4"


Apply strong adhesive in along all the edges, especially at the bottom of the panel where the coins will be attached.


Slide the panel (coin side down and so that the coins will be to the bottom of your bagalope) into the bag and push it all the way to the bottom.  Use your fingers or bone folder to burnish the edges down, ensuring the layers are firmly adhered together.


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